Quality Education and Sustainability in Europe and Africa

Delegates from Namibia
Delegates from Lesotho
Delegates from South Africa
Delegates from Swasiland
Harmony Seminar Center
Delegates from Zimbabwe
Delegates from Germany
Delegate from Poland

The workshop will be a contribution to the UN Decade “Education for Sustainable Development” (2005 – 2014). The teachers from five African countries, Poland and Germany will be dealing with several aspects of education for sustainable development in   multinational working groups. Furthermore, it will encourage the formation of new international school partnerships and enhance existing ones. 

The conference has six major goals:

  1. It is a contribution towards better relations between African countries and Europe  through promoting mutual understanding among teachers from different cultures,
  2. It creates new school partnerships and enhances existing ones.
  3. It promotes education for sustainable development.
  4. The workshop raises awareness among teachers of the importance of mobility; it encourages them to find learning places outside their own countries.
  5. It trains teachers to be multipliers in their school communities and to disseminate the ideas and results of the workshop among other schools in their countries.
  6. The workshop creates ideas about how to make schools sustainable places.

Euro-Afrikanischer Workshop [mehr]