UNESCO-Taube Nr. 33

For the sixtieth anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 2008 the artist Richard Hillinger

has sculptured thirty life-size golden doves. Each dove stands for one of the 30 articles of the Human Rights Declaration. 
All of these thirty doves, which each carry an olive branch as a symbol of peace, are ‘flying’ through the whole of the world from person to person and from institute to institute, with all hosts pledging themselves to keep up their special commitment to reinforce these human rights worldwide.
This campaign was started by Hillinger in cooperation with the former German President Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog. 

Meanwhile, further famous people have joined the patronage of the campaign: 


With the help of Otto Herz, Hainberg Gymnasium in Göttingen is presently hosting Dove Number 33,

which is supposed to fly from school to school, from educational institute to educational institute and from partner to partner, all of whom have dedicated themselves in an exemplary way to promote intercultural understanding and communication, which is not only a human right in itself, but also a human duty, particularly as educational institutes such as schools and youth organisations have special opportunities to do so. 

Worldwide, more and more educational institutes are supposed to raise their students as citizens of the world who are willing to understand and communicate with the interest of peace at their hearts.

For peace may not be everything, but without it, there is nothing left in our lives.

Schools and other educational institutes who would like to host one of the doves commit themselves:

  • to intensively discuss general human rights and conduct projects that promote their continuous observation;
  • to ensure the rights of children at and around their schools or educational institutes;
  • to continuously devise and conduct projects that promote intercultural understanding and communication in a substantial way, following the motto of ”initiation, innovation, inspiration”.

All participating schools and educational institutes are obliged to document their activities. They are expected to present their thoughts and creative processes to the public in order to encourage and inspire other people, groups and organisations to follow their steps. The more doves fly from nursery to nursery, from school to school, from institute to institute, the better! 


Our goal will be to send off 365 doves as ambassadors of peace for a culture of understanding and communication. 

As the President of Costa Rica and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar Arias, said about our project:
“Every day in every year is a new day inviting us to bring human rights and human duties to life.”

German text by Otto Herz, adapted by Monika Kleineberg, English translation by Dr. Gabriele Hille-Coates

Past and present as well as future hosts of the thirty doves can be checked out on the following website:  

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