”100 spotlights on medieval Göttingen”

Presentation of Booklet and Game for the special exhibition at the Göttingen Local Museum


On June 1st we went to the local museum to present our finished product to Mrs Vettel, the curator, Mr Behme, the head of the museum and Mrs Wendt, the public relation manager.

We started at the HG at 1:45 p.m. and walked to the museum where wewere graciously welcomed.

We presented our booklet with texts about the themes  which we had worked on.

We had also made a game with question about the themes.

During the presentation we took photos of us presenting the bookletand the game.

After that we visited the exhibition again, this time we didn’t have to pay!

We had a lot of fun trying on clothes, making flour and playing games.

After that Mrs Niemann went with us to have some ice-cream.

We got to have two scoops!! It was delicious!

By: Linea Dieterich

Download of the booklet (pdf)