Bilingualer Unterricht aus Schülersicht

My time in the bilingual class was nice. I never had any problems with the English language. Sometimes in the beginning it was a bit hard, but now I understand nearly everything the teachers say. Of course it is sometimes a bit strange to talk English in History, Politics, P.E. and Biology, but it is a good training if one wants to have a job with international contacts. So all in all I would recommend the bilingual class to everyone who has no problems in speaking lots of English.

Vincent Graubner, 10b

 Learning in a bilingual class 

I decided to learn in a bilingual class on the spur of the moment seconds before I crossed the box on the enrollment. I just wanted to try something new and also my best friend joined the bilingual class because her sisters had already joined such a class. So it was a very spontaneous decision but I've never regretted it.
We didn’t start with the bilingual lessons immediately. In grade 5 the main focus was on bringing the pupils up to the same knowledge of  English . But in grade 6 our history teacher started to create parts of the lessons in English and also parts of the tests were in English. Sometimes the texts we read exceeded and exceed our vocabulary but this neither wasn’t nor isn’t a problem because you learn very fast to understand the meaning of a sentence from the context.
 However, since grade 7 our History and since grade 8 also the Politics and the Physical Education lessons have been taught solely in English. Of course, classes in English cause an additional amount of work but if you don’t know it different you don’t mind. What's more, I’m convinced that learning bilingual can only be to your advantage because it improves your writing skills and your vocabulary enormously and I recommend everybody who has no problem with learning vocabulary and enjoys speaking English to join a bilingual class. 
Juliane Springer, 9f